Monday, September 16, 2013

A play inspired by the absurdity of real life

Adele Courage (Lianne Perry) finds a way to cope with bureaucracy by downing some fine tequila in the office of Frank Walker (Mark Adam), the Minister of Common Sense.

The government and bureaucrats are notorious for making decisions that defy logic. Department of Common Sense is a play inspired by true life that could make you shake your head in dismay, seethe with anger, nod with painful understanding, but it is sure to make you laugh and forget the pain as a straight-talking, tequila-sipping minister and two whip-smart women take on a persnickety bureaucrat in a battle of wills – and wits.

First performed on stage at the Theatre Arts Guild's inaugural Playwrights' Festival in March, Department of Common Sense was part of the 23rd Atlantic Fringe Festival and won Fringe Hit as one of the five most popular shows of the festival.

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